Oct 21

A salt free diet is utterly stupid,

A salt free diet is utterly stupid, Salt is an essential ingredient of the body,In order of importance oxygen,water,salt and potassium are the primary elements for the survival of the human body,27% of salt content of the body is stored in the bones as crystals.It is said that salt crystals naturally make bones hard, That salt deficiency in the body could be responsible for the development of osteoporosls, because salt is taken out of the bones to maintain its vital normal levels in the blood.Low salt intake will contribute to acidity build up in some cells. Let me repeat,when the body begins to collect salt it is doing so to keep water in the body,Cramps at night is salt deficient also dizziness,I could go on and on but i stress drink more water in your diet min of 8 glasses a day and a pinch of salt or on your foods,but also remember in today food contain alot of salt,also remember Carrots are essential dietary requirement beta carotene is precursor for vitamin A and is absolutely essential for the liver metabolism as well as being needed for by the eyes,also orange juice is good but remember that more is not better ok. So drink more water as i said in other articles doctors are not told the importants of water at medical school in people diets and how water can cure alot of problems of our health, The drug pharmaceutical companise are not intrested informing us of the role of histamine in water regulation of the body they are only intrested in marketing their products and over charging the government to pay the the bill it estimated that the runaway cost to health care in the USA society will increase 28% and more of the gross national product by year 2011 even with such rise in expenditure 50 million American will not be able to pay for health cost and will be deprived of adequate coverage,but if they where told the benifits of more intake of water and the cure and help it can give it would effectively save alot of money going to the drug company and the budget could be reduce and money help else where the healthcare system is your responsibility to tell your government to change for the sake of your children and family.The medical profession must similarly stop treating the signals of dehydration of the body by indiscriminate of pharmaceutical product or invasive procedures.and the control of these drug companise who dictate to the state, and control and pay large back handers to stay in control and these government bodies how take these bribes, I hope you enjoy my article and my point of view and enjoy that we have a freedom of speach at this moment,thats you voice of freedom so use it.Take care. Yours Faithfully Douglas Fanning. thanks please look at link.


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