Sep 22

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Following A Low Carb Diabetic Diet

The vital reason for which diabetic people switch to low carb diabetic diet is to improvise on their health issues and accordingly shed extra weight. Carbohydrates are extensively found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Thus, non-overweight and healthy individuals can follow a low carb diabetic diet. A low carb diabetic diet works well on people, who are prone to diseases such as high cholesterol, high hypoglycemia, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. Mostly, all the doctors and other medical experts recommend a low carb diabetic diet.

Individuals suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and obesity can have control over their exercise and dietary regime. Thus, a low carb diabetic diet and high protein diet accompanied with proper intake of health supplements (under the supervision of the doctor) helps in tempering blood sugar level, promoting loss of weight and accordingly reduce various other cardiovascular problems that occur due to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Meals that contain carbohydrates below 10 grams can escalate levels of blood sugar as stated by diabetes experts. Moreover, these diets cause unwanted rise in glycohemoglobin and glucose levels, which is harmful for any diabetes patient. Individuals prone to Type 2 Diabetes need to lower their insulin and glucose levels and this can be achieved with the help of a low carb diabetic diet.

Not all diabetes patients are comfortable with a low carb diabetic diet, as it differs from one patient to other. A study made by diabetes experts state that people who have been following a low carb diabetic diet actually have more foodstuffs as compared to other individuals following a standardized reduced or a low fat calorific diet, yet lose weight. At times, a low carb diabetic diet might result in obesity and thus, needs to be followed under medical supervision.

Therefore, a low carb diabetic diet has worked wonders for many diabetes patients. Before following a low carb diabetic diet, seek advice from a doctor and accordingly follow the guidelines.


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