Feb 25

Advantages Of Slow Carb Diet

Although the low carbohydrates diet has been present in peoples lives for decades now, it has been proven that exactly the low carbohydrates mess up with peoples feeling of excessive hunger and cravings. On the other hand, slow carb diet is definitely easy to conduct, while food containing such complex carbohydrates is easy to find and prepare. Our body needs a steady source of energy in order to keep metabolism from going up and down, storing unnecessary fats due to lack of food.

Carbohydrates which were popular for so many years, the fast ones, practically flush through the human organism, leaving nothing it can digest, provoking strong feel of hunger and cravings. Avoiding whites (from bread, rice, bagels or cereals) will help you preserve steady blood sugar. Introducing complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, oatmeal, pearled barley for your breakfast will enable your day start with a fiber rich and healthy meal which will keep your body fit and filled with energy.

Instead of cutting out carbohydrates of all types out of your menu, rather include soybeans, kidney beans and similar to your nutrition, which preserve healthy blood sugar level, providing sufficient amount of carbohydrates and fibers to prevent the feeling of hunger. Slow carb diet is definitely more efficient due to many factors. It prevents hypoglycemic index on a healthy level but allows the slow and steady loss of unnecessary weight by burning calories throughout time.

What many dieters suggest in their testimonies is the comparison between the worldwide popular low and the slow carb diet. Eventually, it turned out that low carbohydrate diet does allow you to burn your fat, requiring approximately three months for results. However, using the diet consisting of complex carbohydrates, the weight loss is somewhat slower but steadier. With just a little bit of exercise, the fat is lost while the muscles mass will not simply melt along, as many have witnessed with the low carb diet. Complex carbohydrates allow your body to recompose and your stomach to fill no cravings.


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