Oct 25

Aerobic exercises and weight loss

Before going into the benefits of Aerobic exercises in weight loss let us first understand what exactly aerobic exercises is and how does it exert a profound influence on our body. Aerobic exercises are a set of cardiovascular exercises which involves a large part of muscles of our body. It involves slowly increasing the tempo of the exercise to peak levels and maintaining that level for a period of time. The body goes into an over gear and the lungs pump more oxygen to cater to the increasing energy requirements of the body. The Cardiac muscles also goes into an overdrive and a large amount of energy is used up which is obtained by burning the calories in the body.

Weight loss occurs by burning up the excess calories in the body. The human body stores the excess carbohydrates and fats in the form of lipids at different locations in the body. Whenever there is a deficit of energy and the glucose levels in the body falls, these stored lipids are slowly released and used to produce energy. Aerobic Exercises if done daily burn up a lot of calories and are considered one of the most ideal forms of exercise to effect weight loss. There are numerous other side benefits which one can accrue by doing regular aerobic exercises.

One of the most important benefits of aerobic exercises is that it keeps the heart in the optimum and fit condition. The efficiency of the heart and the lungs are both increased due to their being in a state of overdrive. It no doubt also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and also prevents numerous circulatory disorders like atherosclerosis, cardiac arrest, strokes etc. One of the biggest advantages of aerobic exercises is that they can be done at home and without much equipment. All you need is a fairly spacious room and a CD player for the music and that is it. There is no need for you to join any Gym and spend a fortune.

There are a number of other aids which can help to burn away those extra calories and help in weight loss efforts. These include skipping and rebounding. Rebounding has been described as one of the best form of exercises and has been recommended by NADSA for its future astronauts. The essence of any aerobic exercise is to reach peak cardiac output and then maintain it for the maximum possible time. Therefore any form of exercise like cycling, swimming, jogging or even dancing can come within the purview of the aerobic exercises.

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