May 25

Causes Of Swollen Feet How A Balanced Diet Can Solve Swollen Feet

We often tend to neglect certain developments in our bodies. Last time it happened with one of my friends. He used to suffer from swollen ankles and feet. But he never tried to find out the causes of swollen feet in him. And at last when the situation became aggravated he was diagnoses with serious liver and kidney problems. Swollen feet though are a common phenomenon but it is a kind of indicator of different internal happenings in your body. But he was still lucky to get treatment on time and today he is much relieved.

The causes of swollen feet could be many. But medically the following causes are found to be more convincing. Look out if you have swollen feet or ankles and try to find out what can be the causes of swollen feet. You may not be aware but serious kidney, liver, heart and blood vessel problems can be the causes of swollen feet. You need to be very much careful with your swelling. If you experience difficulty in breathing, urinating or feel some pain in your chest area and at the same time observe swollen feet consult a doctor immediately and diagnose your condition to find out the root cause of your problem.

The other common causes of swollen feet include use of medications like laxatives, birth control pills, blood pressure medications, diuretics and others. If you use laxatives then it can be a cause of your swollen feet. Women who take birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy treatment too are vulnerable to swollen legs, feet and ankles. Pregnancy and PMS too are responsible for such conditions.

Besides that the other causes of swollen feet include too much of sodium retention in your body. This cans cause high blood pressure and swollen ankles. Other causes include allergic reactions, neuromuscular disorders and varicose veins and history of phlebitis. Then some kind of trauma, accident, twist or muscle spasm too cause swollen feet.

A poor diet high in carbohydrates and salt is another of the causes of swollen feet. You should keep a balanced diet and take in less salt in order to avoid the swelling of feet. Additionally you should ingest fewer carbohydrates. Eat more quality protein such as neat lean meat, fish, low fat quark or protein shakes. Its also recommended to drink a lot of water every day at least 3 liters. A healthy and balanced diet often constitutes the key factor in the process of solving the problem of swollen feet.


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