Jul 10

Eod Diet By Jon Benson – Review

In this EOD Diet review I will outline Jon Benson’s “Every Other Day Diet” program. Just the name of the diet alone seems to spark a lot of interest, and for good reason! Who wouldn’t love to diet every other day and still lose fat?

The concept of Jon Benson’s program is quite simple… every other day, you can eat essentially any foods that you want too. Pizza, burgers ice cream-whatever you want! Doesn’t sound like your average diet does it? Well it isn’t, but more on that later.

Of course there are a few conditions, and those are as follows:

1. On the dieting days, you have to be much more strict, mainly sticking to high protein, lower carbohydrate foods. On these days you are simply going to eat healthy foods, and consume fewer calories. The EOD Diet outlines the best foods to eat, number of calories to consume etc.

2. You still need to exercise! There really is no way getting around this, no matter what weight loss program you are on. Any program that does not require physical activity to burn calories is certainly not going to be effective. You see, the exercise that you perform is what helps you burn more calories and fat, making it a necessity.

3. Although you can eat the foods that you like on your “splurge days”, you still need to make sure that you don’t consume too many excess calories. Simply put, eat slowly, and when you are full, do not eat anymore food. While you can eat what you want every other day, you must not overdo it.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of The EOD Diet

The EOD diet is not perfect however, so let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

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– Very easy to stick to for the long term

– You do not have to eliminate your favorite foods

– Much different than most diets you have tried, good change of pace

– Excellent track record, has been around for years


– On your days there are essentially no rules, so you will have to figure out a way to make sure you do not go overboard on the calories.

– Not the best program for those of you that require lots of structure in order to succeed

Overall, the Every Other Day Diet is an excellent way to get skinny, yet in a safe way. If you’ve failed to lose weight with other diets before, the EODD Diet is a program well worth trying.


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