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Former Star Of The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft, Diet & Exercise

On Wednesday, Melissa Rycroft announced that she is pregnant. Former star of The Bachelor dating series and Dancing With the Stars will have no problems getting her great body back after the baby.

Training for Dancing with the Stars required eight-hour practices, seven days a week, which left Melissa trim and tonedbut exhausted. After the show she took a break and not is back to her regular exercise. She now runs two or three miles four to six days a week and strength-trains at home. Instead of dieting, Melissa and her husband made simple changes, including having most meals at home instead of in restaurants.

Melissas typical day consists of:

Sugar-free instant breakfast shake and an apple

Chicken sandwich with raw carrots and a glass of orange juice. Melissa also likes to have something sweet so shell have a jell-o pudding pack.


Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and some green beans.

Dancing with the Stars dancing pro Julianne Hough, 20, reveals her secret to staying a size 0, “I eat only until full.” She also eats 5 small meals a day and cuts out beloved carbs and sweets during the shows season. She says, however, that she doesnt restrict herself too much.

These celebrities pretty much stick to the 5 Factor Diet. This diet has been created by a trainer, Harley Pasternak and has been growing in popularity. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have been using this plan.

The 5 Factor Diet is all about fives: 5 meals a day, 5 workouts a week each made up of 5 exercises.

At each meal, you should have:

1. low-fat quality protein
2. low- to moderate- glycemic index carbohydrate
3. fiber
4. healthy fat
5. sugar-free beverage

Type of exercise is shifted every week: strength training, cardiovascular, core movements repetitions, sets, resistance level, and rest periods.

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