Jun 23

How to Lose Weight Effectively

When I was eighteen years old; that was my senior year in high school I weighed 163 pounds. I used to work out pretty consistently with a friend of mine and we would weight consistently on a scale at the gym. The following year I went to the University of Colorado and maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle. My weight dropped to 161 or 160 for the first semester. The second semester I was lazy and started to eat cereal for every meal. I would ingest four bowls of cereal for breakfast and a bagel. My weight ballooned up to 167. The following year after I transferred to Texas; and before I knew it my weight was 175 pounds even. How had I gained so much weight after my weight had been steady for so many years? I did not really care so much why this occurred. I wanted to know how to take it off and keep it off. Well to spare you all the details I have come up with a few rules that everyone should follow. And I don’t believe in any pre-purchased meals. I paid a nutritionist and I learned about food. What ingredients to avoid and which ones to choose. This well help anyone keep the weight off unless you are one of those individuals who has a serious weight problem. 1)Don’t eat after 8 p.m. Your body will begin to burn off fewer calories at night time as your body prepares to sleep. Trust me this is a great rule to follow. 2)Immediately stop eating desserts and all fried foods. (chips, French fries, fried chicken etc) 3)For the time being cease eating any items you would normally find in your food cabinet including pretzels and snack foods. These are usually full of garbage. Here are the ingredients to avoid(high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils) 4)Eliminate all liquids but water. Diet sodas can actually keep the weight on. Some people ask me why I don’t recommend eating breakfast. If you eat breakfast normally then continue to eat it. If you don’t eat it then don’t start. If you want to increase your weight loss engage in some weightlifting or exercise. Of course check with your doctor before you start a weightlifting program. This is harder than you think. And 8 pm is always around the corner.


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