Oct 23

Is Diet Food Delivery the Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

The US is in the mist of an obesity epidemic, with the percentage of Americans who are defined as being obese (those with a Body Mass Index -or BMI- of greater than 30) growing at an alarming rate over the past 20 years. Obesity is a major concern for health professionals because it increases the likelihood of a person suffering from heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancer. The question is, if people are getting fatter, resulting in a lower quality of life and even endangering their lives, why aren’t they doing something about it?

There are a number of factors, but one that comes up repeatedly is time, or rather lack of time. Most people recognize that exercise is an important part of being fit, but finding the time every day to exercise is a struggle. Most people also recognize that they should eat a healthy diet with a variety of foods, plenty of grains, vegetables and fruits and lean meats. This means avoiding the processed foods in the grocery store freezer aisle and staying away from fast-food joints. Unfortunately just as with exercise time is once again a critical factor. One new trend that’s gaining traction on this front is home delivery of healthy, freshly prepared meals.

People continue to eat processed food and fast food not because it’s cheap -going to a restaurant is usually much more expensive than preparing food yourself- but because it’s fast and convenient. People don’t have the time available to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. This is a shame because eating healthy food doesn’t just help someone to control their weight and lower their risk for the many potential consequences of obesity, it makes them feel better overall and gives them more energy. Perhaps the biggest problem with poor diet is that it affects families, not just individuals. If a parent brings home hamburgers or pizza every night instead of cooking a nutritious meal, that poor diet is shared by the children as well.

Assuming that time and convenience remain key factors, if people took advantage of services that prepare nutritionally complete meals for home delivery, they would be in far better shape. They could choose meals that include fresh, healthy ingredients instead of ones loaded with preservatives and fats, and they could enjoy those satisfying meals without having to do the shopping and preparation themselves. Fast and healthy is possible as long as you avoid the drive-through.

Jennifer Thomas is a freelance writer specializing in the health-care field, and as such she has evaluated options from fitness memberships to diet meal delivery. She’s found some ideas that sound great but actually fizzle, while some that sound too good to be true (like diet delivery), turn out to be compelling. Since completing her research on the topic, Jennifer has signed up with a diet food delivery service herself, finding it saves time and makes her more likely to eat healthy.


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