Jul 15

Provide Your Customers with a Healthy and Balanced Diet

With healthy eating getting back with a bang, its big time that entrepreneurs of food industry take notice about this new trend emerging among modern day people. Even few years ago it was observed that people had no time to prepare a meal at home and hence they mostly opted for fast foods that were available easily at every corners of the road. But with obesity becoming a serious reason of concern now a day, people are reverting back to having healthy and organic food in order to stay fit and in shape. Catering to this new demand among customers, restaurant entrepreneurs are opting for salad bar franchise and other health food joints to bask in profitable return. >

But just thinking of opening a salad bar franchise is not enough. You need to know about the needs and requirement of a salad bar in order to provide your valued customers with a proper and suitable ambiance to enjoy. Here in this article we provide you with some of the prominent things to have when starting a salad bar franchise:

A good variety of salad base is a must: A salad is easy to prepare but it’s only when all the ingredients are rightly mixed that a salad becomes delectable and delicious. The first and foremost thing that makes a salad more bright and nutritious is its base ingredients. While most customers opt for a green leafy lettuce, you should ensure to provide them with other options too such as spinach, cabbage leaves etc.

Vegetables to add: After the salad base is done, your customers will move for the first helping of vegetables. Offer them with various bright color options to not only make the salad a riot of color but also nutritious and healthy. From carrots, tomatoes, cucumber to peas, mushrooms etc, allow your customers to help themselves to their choice of vegetables.

Fruits another need: Not only vegetables, when operating a Salad Bar Franchise it is important that you also have a section for fruits. Many customers may want to add fruits to their salad to make it high in nutrient quotient.

A dose of protein for taste and health: Not every customer will like to munch on only greens. To satisfy the appetite of such clients, it is important that you also provide with varieties of protein such as slices of boiled egg, meat, ham etc. A dash of protein can not only make the salad good to taste but also a balanced diet worth trying out.


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