Jul 24

Side Effects Of The Ice Cube Diet

Heres the truth about the ice cube diet: there are side effects; but when you come to think of it, all diets do. In fact, the side effects of others can be truly devastating and brutal including extreme fatigue, nausea, and constant vomiting.

The Ice Cube Diet: The Possible Side Effects

One of the most common side effects of the ice cube diet is extreme hunger. Youre definitely going to feel the hunger pangs, especially if you went into the diet right away. Its very important that you should at least give your body some time to get used to eating less food. Perhaps a week before you start on your ice cube diet, you should already start to cut down on your caloric intake.

You may also experience a little dizziness and lack of energy as your body adjusts. You will soon get that energy back. There are also others who experience moodiness primarily due to the change in eating habits and decreased caloric intake.

Almost every dieter goes through this phase. However, the good thing about these fresh frozen hoodia cubes is that their primary function is hunger control. Over time, with help of the ice cube diet, your brain and body will be retrained on how to eat, when to eat, and when youre full. Its a very good way of kicking a bad dietary habit and saying goodbye to unhealthy dishes.

Does the Ice Cube Diet Work?

Around 111 women participated in an independent study conducted by Desert Labs. These women wanted to lose weight but had suffered through their share of dietary struggles. For 40 days they were given instructed to take one fresh frozen hoodia cube daily.

After the studys conclusion, more than 80 percent lost a lot of weight from their body and over 50 percent loved the healthy effects of the ice cubes in their lives. Most of all, over 80 percent of them didnt mention any harmful side effects they felt during the tests.

Simply put, the ice cube diet works. However, because every person has his or her own unique composition, results may vary. Some may lose weight faster than others. There are also a number who will not see any weight reduction, in which case further medical tests should be conducted. Theres a good chance that an underlying issue such as a thyroid problem may be causing the hindrance.

Surely, you will find some negative ice cube diet reviews on the Internetthere will always be hatersbut one thing is for sure; it does its job superbly.


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