Jun 30

Weight Loss using Hypnosis CDs and MP3s

There are a lot of misconceptions about a very helpful way to release fat and that is weight loss hypnosis. The simple and most important thing to know and keep in mind is that hypnosis does not lose weight. People think if they get hypnotized somehow fat falls off your body and you lose weight but this is far from the truth of what happens when using hypnosis for weight loss.

There are practicing hypnotists who offer a free consultation or session for a person to experience what hypnosis is like for it is not at all what most people expect. But by experiencing hypnosis first with an open mind you then have those “aha” moments of what it really is like. Then with this better understanding you can decide to enter their hypnosis program after experiencing the free weight loss hypnosis session.

What many people do, which I have learned from my customers, is to order the CD audio program and then upload them to their computer so they can put them on their MP3 player. The recordings are digital and there is no loss of sound quality in any way when transferring them this way. This is the great thing about today’s technology, we have options and choices. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we have gone from cassette tapes to being able to have digital audio where there is no tangible product at all?

So much is talked about these processes yet so little is really understood. You can read a mountain of books about hypnosis and weight loss, listen to audio after audio, attend seminars and workshops and still not know what you need for clarity and truth. There are many ways hypnosis is used especially when it comes to releasing that unhealthy embarrassing fat, more commonly known as a weight loss hypnosis self improvement program but again, so little is understood and needs some clearing up.

With all the ways to lose weight, or should I say of all the ways there are that are said to lose weight, it’s a common question does weight loss hypnosis work? The answer isn’t as clear as one would like for we love either a yes or no answer. Yes it works but not in the way people may think. Are you now curious? Let me explain a bit further so you can know better how to answer that question, does weight loss hypnosis work?

I am frequently asked, “Do I need to have live hypnosis sessions or can I use CDs weight loss hypnosis programs?” I prefer to see people get the most with less cost and effort so I suggest they use a CD audio program first and then if there is resistance to change seek live sessions with a reputable and experienced hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

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