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Weight Training during PregnancyHow to do it Safely

Being pregnant shouldn’t keep you from exercising. There are, in fact, many good reasons to maintain your fitness level while pregnant. When you maintain a moderate level of activity, you will feel better both during your pregnancy and after. Keep reading for tips on how to stay fit during your pregnancy.

Weight training during pregnancy is very effective at helping women return to their pre-pregnancy weight and fitness after giving birth, which is why you should consider it. Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to have a significant impact on postpartum weight loss and fitness.

Furthermore, it has been proven that the ideal exercise regimen combines both weight training and cardio. Of course, you will have to modify your regular weight training workout by using lighter weights but the conclusion is that weight loss is much easier if a moderate level of weight training is incorporated during pregnancy. While exercise will help you avoid gaining too much fat during your pregnancy and help you stay fitter, you shouldn’t expect to lose weight until after giving birth.

You will need to avoid certain movements and positions even if exercise can be very beneficial during pregnancy. Exercises that require you to bend from the hips and lifting weights over your head should be avoid. Don’t do over head presses, for example, if you’re lifting weights while pregnant. You should also avoid doing exercises that target the abdominal region. It is also a good idea to stay away from exercises where you lay flat on your stomach or back. There are several exercises that are safe to do while pregnant that can be done while standing or sitting even though it may sound like you can’t do anything.

Even though it should be common practice, warming up with a little cardio before a weight training routine is even more important if you are pregnant. A small amount of stretching is also advisable after your warm-up, but be sure not to overdo things. The purpose of this is tomaintain, not improve, your flexibility and warm up your muscles. Avoid bouncing and stretch smoothly so you don’t hurt yourself. These suggestions should be followed all the time but even more so during pregnancy.

Afterwards, you start training with weights. You will get the most out of your workout session, if you warm up before. You can continue to exercise while pregnant as long as you follow some basic precautions. Not only will you feel better but exercising can help with some of pregnancies difficulties such as water retention and insomnia. Designing a workout routine that will help you stay as fit and healthy as possible during your pregnancy with the help of your doctor will also help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight.
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