Jun 26

You want to be slim Here is the formula to reduce weight quickly, Are you ready to try out this

Everybody wants to become slim. This article helps you to start some healthy tips to lose weight quickly even with in 14 days. First you decide how much weight you want to reduce, and then practice regularly for attaining the target. Important weight loss tips are as follows.

Weight Loss Secret- Fastest Way to lose weight

Drink 8-10 glass of water in a day. Water has no calorie; also it helps to remain a long lasting glow of the skin. Water facilitates a smooth flushing out of toxic element from the body.

Avoidance of soda like beverages is necessary to loss weight quickly

Avoid using alcohol especially beer

Instead of eating big meals in 3-4 times in a day, eat small quantity meals or snacks in 5-6 times in a day.

Eat slowly and drink a glass of water before started eating

Breakfast is a must for losing weight. Do not skip breakfast

Take dinner before 7 pm in every day.

Walk for at least 30 minutes in a day; preferably in the morning

Sugar is one of the major villains. Avoid sugar and sugary items in order to loss weight quickly

Include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Fiber rich diet is essential to loss weight quickly

Green tea is an essential item for losing the weight

Cut down the salt from your food

Crash diet and fad diet are used to loss weight quickly. But if possible avoid all these two diet practices

Do exercises daily. Cycling, rowing, running, punching etc is very useful to loss weight quickly

Practice the habit of breathing exercise and yoga

Dancing is good for whole body.

In office or work places for going upstairs use staircase in place of lift

Join in a fitness club or set up fitness machines in your home, this will help you to work out exercise even if the climate is not good

Sleep more than 6 hours in a day. It will de stress and regularize the metabolic activities in the body

Fat is the major element in everybody’s body. Fat reduction is the major aim of losing the weight quickly. But researches suggest that monounsaturated fats have the capability to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Omega 3 fatty acid is found to be good for the whole body. It can obtain from various kinds of fish. You can also take some supplements for reducing the weight. Most of the supplements include green tea extracts and yerba mate.

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