Oct 07

Your Ideal Powerlifting Diet

Powerlifting is a popular strength sport that focuses on three main events bench press, squat and deadlift. The person who can lift the maximum amount of weight is declared as the winner. However not many are aware what should be an ideal powerlifting diet. A popular myth is that powerlifting diet is a see food diet. That is one can eat whatever is seen by him! Now this notion is incorrect.

Powerlifters workout more than a regular person and need a high calorie diet so that the body gets enough fuel to perform the actions and recovers faster after going through the grueling workout sessions. It is important to remember that a persons diet must contain right amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. However the ratios of the essential nutrients may vary depending on whether you are trying to gain weight, lose it or maintaining it.

When you are developing a high calorie powerlifting diet, pack in more amounts of protein. Animal proteins like eggs, meat and dairy products like cheese, butter and curd will help one to increase his powerlifting strength. You can also increase the intake of more protein and calories by consuming whole milk. Whole milk is a good source of high and protein rich nutrients.

Like protein, a powerlifter needs to consume more of carbohydrates. Low carb diets are essential for weight loss but when you are thinking of increasing calories in your diet, you should opt for a carbohydrate-rich diet. Vegetables that are rich in fiber like cabbage, potato, carrot, tomato etc are a good source of healthy carbohydrates. One must also eat more of starch in the form of bread and potatoes.

Powerlifting diet must also contain high amounts of dietary fat including saturated fat, trans fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Saturated fat includes butter, cheese, coconut oil, cream etc. Sources of trans fat are cookies, donuts, and fried foods. Foods that have monounsaturated fat are olive oil, peanut butter, cashews, sunflower oil, hazelnuts etc. Polyunsaturated fat would include salmon, tuna, trout, soybean, soybean oil etc.

Powerlifting diet can include health supplements like Maximus and ETS. Maximus is a health supplement that is ideal for those who are opting for a high calorie diet. It includes whey protein isolates, isolated casein peptides, glutamine peptides and whey protein concentrate. All these nutrients can be a perfect addition to the diet of a powerlifter. ETS is another health supplement that not only helps a power lifter to gain weight but reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness) that results from weight training to a great extent. ETS also helps one to recover faster from grueling workouts and its other benefits include more mass gain, increase of strength and reduction of joint pain.

Apart from high calorie diet and health supplements, powerlifters must drink lots of water. It is recommended that a powerlifter must consume 6 ounces of water at the rate of per pound of bodyweight.


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